Video Marketing With Derral Eves

Look around you — it would be hard to find any device that isn’t able to play a video. That’s because videos are easily digestible, engaging, and entertaining. Videos combine audio and visual elements to send your message to many people. It’s a powerful tool that can effectively attract attention, entertain, educate, and persuade all at once, making it an indispensable tool for business. So to keep up with the rapidly evolving video marketing world, you must learn about video marketing.

This week we are lucky to be joined by video marketing specialist Derral Eves. He generously shares his expertise on how to create compelling video marketing. He also shares his best tips for you to maximize the power of video. Making videos may seem overwhelming, but it can open up a whole slew of possibilities and opportunities for you.

If you want to know how to reach more people, generate more leads, and convert them into sales through video marketing, this episode is for you!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Listen along to Derral’s journey to becoming a sought-after video marketing consultant.
  2. Discover the power of using video for your business.
  3. Learn and apply Derral’s tips on video marketing.


Episode Highlights

Derral's Beginnings

  • Derral quit his job as a public relations officer for a hospital and started his website design and hosting company. 
  • In-person sales was the most powerful way to close a deal. Darrel knew that video could capture this power too. 
  • In 2005, he stumbled upon YouTube. He then started creating videos for local businesses to help them send out their message. 
  • 85% of the YouTube videos he ranked in 2006 are still on page one.

How YouTube Works

  • Google bought YouTube in 2006, and that’s when they integrated ads into the platform. This incentivized creators to produce more quality content.
  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine: many people go there to find out how to do things. 
  • YouTube’s algorithm includes tracking the watch time and how long a user stays on YouTube after watching. These are factors in how YouTube ranks videos.
  • To boost your rank, you should optimize your video title, your paragraph descriptions, tags, and social interaction with your audience.

Creating Content for YouTube Videos

  • In video marketing on YouTube, you cannot repurpose your content. It has to be fresh. 
  • For Derral, 75% of video marketing is preparation. Taking the time to understand your audience and call to action is essential to video marketing. 
  • You can see what works in your analytics and adjust accordingly.

The Eight Questions You Must Answer Before Creating a Video

  • Why make the video? Choose one out of these four reasons: to build awareness, influence the audience, drive sales, and grow loyalty among your audience.
  • Who are you competing with? Who is your core audience? Do you understand them? 
  • What value will the consumer receive? 
  • What is your core message? How do you deliver content to get maximum reach? What does success look like for your video?
  • Learn the specifics of each question when you tune in to the full episode!

Your Core Audience

  • When you join YouTube video marketing, you also enter a global market.
  • Most often, your actual audience is not who you expect or want.
  • Still, you have to answer: who is the core audience you want to reach?
  • Adjust your content and tone to resonate with your chosen core audience.

Adjusting Your Strategy

  • If your video is for an ad or a landing page, you can split test to see what converts higher. 
  • If you upload directly to your channel, you will have to learn from mistakes and adjust in your next video.
  • The more content you put out, the more information you have for analysis. You then have a better grasp of how to adjust your strategy. 
  • Keyword research is key: there’s no point in uploading a video if no one can find it.

List Building in Video Marketing

  • Create value through your videos, and people will join you. 
  • You can also pay to grow your audience: that way is quicker.

How Sophisticated Should Video Marketing Be

  • Your videos don’t necessarily need to have advanced editing.
  • One of Derral’s clients used an iPhone to shoot and iMovie to edit. She only spends four hours per week on one video. In her first six months, she got 185 million views and sponsorship deals.
  • She earned her success from understanding her audience.
  • Don’t be intimidated. What matters is that you have value in your content. You can continuously improve from there.

Creating Free versus Paid Content

  • Derral’s advice: give away your best content, but set aside a little bit. 
  • You can give free content in exchange for names and email addresses.

Derral’s Current Projects

  • Derral enjoys amplifying the voices of really talented people. 
  • He recently helped a comedy channel on YouTube, Studio C, get their total views up to 185 million views from only 20 million. 
  • He also has a conference about video marketing coming up called VidSummit
  • It’s a training event for people who want to get conversions through video
  • Conference keynote speakers include Jeffrey Harmon, Ricky Ray Butler, and Sean McKnight!

Use Videos Now!

  • Video and mobile are converging rapidly. Now is the time to be in front of that wave.
  • Don’t feel intimidated by videos. Just grab a camera and get started.
  • Videos can be used not only for marketing but also for companies to streamline their processes.

Two Powerful Quotes

“If you want to be successful in anything, you really need to look at what you're doing and [then start] analyzing and adjusting.”

“There's a lot of people that have a message… and they might feel intimidated by one aspect or another. I'm here to tell you… you need to understand video and utilize it because some of the things that are coming forward are going to change the world.”

About Derral

Derral Eves is a top video marketing expert with certifications from Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and YouTube Audience Growth. He’s also a certified Google Specialist and Google partner. 

Derral greatly impacted online marketing, video marketing, and YouTube communities ever since entering the online community. He’s helped generate views through consulting for some of the world’s most successful channels, brands, and businesses. Despite his renown, Derral is first and foremost a family man. A father of five and a loving husband, his family inspires him in his success.

You may connect with Derral through his website at and his Facebook page. You can also find him and his videos on YouTube to learn more about what he does.

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