Zen & Business – With Kaz Iso

In this insightful interview, Kaz Iso delve into the transformation of an individual who managed to quadruple his sales and generate $150,000 in a mere six weeks. Our guest is not just a success story but a beacon of hope and motivation for anyone struggling with the confidence to make a major shift in their life or career. This interview is crucial for business-minded individuals, entrepreneurs or anyone looking for a nudge to take a leap of faith. Through his personal journey and tactics like Zen meditation, you’ll find ways to gain control over your life and find optimism in the face of adversity.

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Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview

  • Learn how to garner the confidence to make significant changes in your personal and professional life.
  • Discover the positive impact of meditation and how to integrate it into your daily routine effectively.
  • Understand the power of positive outlook and how it can turn even the worst circumstances around.

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Interview Highlights

Kaz Iso: Making the Switch and Sales Turnaround

  • The guest reveals about overcoming his fears and taking a leap of faith.

  • Dives into the results of his decision with impressive sales turnaround.

  • Listen to the full interview for the detailed strategy behind the success.

  • "Taking the leap was the hardest but the most rewarding decision I made."

Kaz Iso: Role of Zen and Mental Control

  • Importance of daily meditation.

  • How to incorporate Zen into a busy lifestyle.

  • The resulting impact on mental state and decision-making abilities.

  • "Zen wasn't just about calming my mind, it was about harnessing control over my life."

Life Always Moves Forward 

  • Realization that even after the worst experiences, life progresses.

  • Drawing positivity from the unavoidable forward motion of life.

  • "The moss that grows after a train wreck, that's life. Always moving, always growing."