Grow Sales NOW! – With Rich Stillman

In today's context, identifying the right customer forms the crux of any startup. Yet, it remains one of the most overlooked aspects, leading to substantial pitfalls in the future. This blog is a candid interview with Rich Stillman, a respected name in digital marketing strategies known for his cutting-edge solutions for small businesses, and Daryl, an expert in successful business delegation. This dialogue is set to offer valuable insight to any entrepreneur willing to face the challenges that are part and parcel of startups. It defines an agile approach to get startups on the right track while discussing potential roadblocks that can hinder progress. This interview casts relevant light into the world of startups, underlining some tried and tested methods of how to escape being entangled in your business and rather work seamlessly on it.

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Here are the reasons why you should listen to the full interview:

  • Learn how to identify and target the right customer base for your startup.
  • Discover a more agile approach to getting businesses straightened out.
  • Understand the importance of collaboration and practical delegation methods.

Interview Highlights:

Identifying the Right Customer -

  • Rich underscores the importance of demographic and psychographic segmentation.
  • The cost of not solving a problem is highlighted as a detrimental factor.
  • Rich quotes, "Problems are markets, not age groups."
  • Listen to the full interview for more insights on identifying the right customer.

Embracing Agility -

  • Rich takes us through the concept of a 21-day sprint for business restructuring.
  • Challenges of small business owners are discussed in detail.
  • Rich notes, "A much more agile approach is the key to straighten out businesses."
  • For comprehensive details about the 21-day sprint, tune in to the full interview.

Collaboration and Delegation -

  • Daryl introduces the idea of getting out of the way, allowing new employees to take charge.
  • The conversation pivots towards effective delegation, highlighting lessons learned.
  • Daryl points out, "The owner or CEO has got to clearly delegate and let the employees do their work."
  • For a detailed understanding of effective delegation, refer to the full dialogue in the interview.

Lessons for Startups -

  • Daryl summarizes three important lessons for any startup.
  • Emphasis on instant application of these lessons into the business practices.
  • Daryl succinctly states, "Taking action is the secret sauce to results.”
  • The entire interview encapsulates the essence of these lessons, therefore, drop in for more insights.

About Daryl

Daryl Urbanski is an entrepreneur, speaker, and marketing expert. He’s a business coach, author, and podcaster. As the founder of BBC, he has helped businesses make seven figures. He's passionate about teaching others to create successful businesses.

To help people, he has written several books. He features inspiring thought leaders to help people scale up their businesses.

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