Hello everyone, thank you for joining us.. My name is Daryl Urbanski – your host as always.. and today we are joined by a very special man..

A man who has been recognized with many awards for his accomplishments, Brian Wong.  

You may know him or recognize his name from being:

  • One of Canada’s “Top 20 Under 20”
  • One of Business Insider’s “Top 25 Under 25 in Silicon Valley,” One of
  • Forbes’ “30 under 30” for three years now
  • One of Mashable’s “Top 5 Entrepreneurs to Watch”


Plus being featured on other noteworthy lists such as


  • iMedia “25”
  • AdAge “Creativity Top 50”
  • The “30 Under 30 in Advertising” and “18 Most Important People in Mobile Advertising”. 

His company has generated over $10million dollars while helping everyone around the table.. Himself, his investors, his employees, partners and of course, the end mobile users..

His company Kiip (pronounced “keep”) redefines how brands connect with consumers through a rewards platform that targets “achievement moments” in mobile games and apps. So your coupon or whatever, is offered as a reward once they beat a level or finish their 3-mile run.

This is done with something Brian calls: “Moments-based marketing” as he believes, when it comes to mobile advertising, impressions & click-through rates are ‘stale’ metrics’.

This innovative approach to mobile marketing creates meaningful engagements between users, developers and advertisers.

And he must be onto something as his company is thriving in an industry where the vast majority are not.

His company Kiip has been recognized by Forbes as one of the “4 Hot Online Ad Companies to Put on Your Watch List,” plus the Dow Jones “FasTech50” and listed on Fast Company’s “50 Most Innovative Companies.”

And if as if that wasn’t impressive enough, Brian received his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia at age 18, after skipping four grades between kindergarten and graduating high school. He was also once the youngest person to ever receive venture capital funding.

Today he’s here to tell us about the future of mobile advertising and his ‘moments-based marketing’ as well as answer questions to important challenges many of you listening might be facing.. Things from how to get financing in today’s fundraising environment, how to build & scale a sales team.. or if you’re just starting out, how to get your first customers and some monetization strategies…

Brian, thank you for joining us today.. How’re you doing my friend?


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