Positive Habits In Business

11 CEOs Reveal Positive Habits They Rely On.

What makes the winners win?

It’s all about positive habits and sticking to them.

We asked a group of business owners and CEOs.
And they told us their positive business habits.

Which ones are new to you?

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Tim Absalikov
Co-founder, and CEO of Lasting Trend

I adhere to the principle “do not postpone things.”.
The moment here and now has the power. I try to turn obstacles into success stories.
Each “no” makes me even stronger and more persistent on the way to my goals.
It’s bringing me closer to the “yes”

This is how the “muscle of success” is trained, tempered during their overcoming.

Clive Carlin
Director at Carlin Hall

Positive habits and rituals are crucial to driving success.
We have our weekly sales meeting on Monday mornings.
This lets us set targets for the week ahead.

Friday afternoon is round-up sessions.
This lets everyone reflect on what successes they have had that week.

Monthly appraisals and quarterly staff reviews:
Are key to setting long-term goals.

Then, on top, it’s important to celebrate success.
Team lunches and global trips for top performers will make your team feel valued.
Reward the behaviours you want.

Rafi Pryntz-Nadworny
Business Owner at Idea Strider

I’ve spent the last decade reading everything about productivity and positive habits.
Yet the biggest habit-changing my life was:

Doing less work to get more done!

People don’t need more productivity, they need better priority.
Now I focus on getting the ONE thing I want to be done each day.
Everything else is optional.

Demi Yilmaz
Co-Founder of Colonist

Focus on one task at a time
Multi-tasking may sound like a good idea in theory. However, it doesn’t yield high-quality results.
You’re better off focusing all your efforts on the task in front of you. Nothing else.

That way, you can:

  •  Give it your undivided attention.
  •  Ensure you don’t miss the fine details

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Positive Habits of 11 Successful Business Owners

Harry Morton
Founder of Lower Street

Meditate, even if it’s only for a few minutes!

Running a business is challenging to say the least.
More often than not, you’re put to the test when you least expect it.
In times like these, having a mindfulness practise creates space for calmness.
It lets you take a step back and see things as they are.
Furthermore, meditation is a great tool for self-reflection. It sheds light on insights
that wouldn’t otherwise come to you if your mind was preoccupied.

George Mitsov
Founder of ProxyEmpire

Learn from feedback.

You’ll find that your customers have a goldmine of important insights.
These insights could really revolutionize your business!
Don’t discard their opinions or assuming that you know best.
Embrace the idea that you may find an awesome opportunity if you dig a little deeper. The very people you’re trying to win over are telling you what to do.
What better way to spot opportunities for improvement ?!

Katherine Mackenzie-Smith
Business + Energy Mentor

Some of the best tips that I’ve cultivated over the past 8 years include:

  • A monthly CEO day to check in with:
    Reviewing and evaluating the past month,
    Intentions/plans/focus for the coming month.
  •  I’m someone a bit more spiritual. I’ve created a daily energetic practice.
    To connect with the energy of the work.
    Instead of trying to figure everything out with my mind.
    This simple practice lets go of all the ‘shoulds’ and comparisons.
    Connects me back into the soul purpose of the business.
  • Having set days for calls, clients and meetings.
    Then having other days for creating, admin, etc.
    It’s too exhausting to have calls every day of the week.
    It interrupts my creative flow.
    I’m better off batching them because they require different energy.

Dr. Zachary Okhah
Founder and Chief Surgeon at PH-1 Miami

Managing time is a discipline that keeps your day organized.
Also, it helps you stay prioritized.

Having a plan figured out the night before your day is essential.
It’s a key to balance the various aspects of your daily life.

Ben Franklin, understood the value of structuring his day.
He stated, “Lost time is never found again.
Franklin divided his daily schedule into six blocks of time:

Morning preparations,
One extended period of solid work,
Another lengthy work stretch,
Evening relaxation,

Keeping to his rigid schedule gave purpose to each hour of Franklin’s day.
It helped him avoid any unexpected interruptions.
It sounds simple, but it’s a practice.
And once you master that practice,
You’ll have no problem staying focused on what’s important.

Courtney Buhler
CEO & Founder of Lash Pro Academy

Carry a notebook and pen (or use a note app on your phone).
So you always have a place to write down notes, reminders, ideas, etc.

Staying organized can make a huge difference in your productivity.
Keep your notes in one safe place.
It’ll make it easier to access them later to follow up.
Plus, you will be able to jot down your ideas as soon as inspiration strikes.
Without having to remember to write it down later!

Haseeb Awan
CEO of America’s Most Secure Mobile Service.

  1.  Prioritize your tasks and keep a short To-Do list:
    Come up with a to-do task list. Note down all the things you need to be done for the day.
    Followed by the things less important, but you would like them to do.
    Finally, write the things you will try to do if you have time.
    This has helped me to focus.
    You need to adjust your expectations about what you can get done.
    Don’t expect everything to be done in a day.
  2. Be consistent and don’t give up:
    To succeed and achieve something you must remain consistent.
    Great things take time to happen.
    Just because something is taking time does not mean you should give up on it.
    Be consistent in what you believe in and surely it will come to you.

Anita Petty
President and CEO of Leading Edge Ventures, LLC.

One of the best pieces of advice came from a former military boss.
He taught me the art of effectively delegating tasks to others.
I realized that proper delegation allows others to learn and grow.
Plus, it freed up my own time to concentrate on core competencies.
Effective delegation will go a long way in reducing your work stress. Also, it creates space for you to do what you do best.

What Are Your Positive Habits In Your Business?

Positive habits vary from one person to another. Everyone has their own way.
Yet our main advice is “Don’t postpone your tasks”.
To-Do lists will help you to arrange your priorities.
Use effective delegation with your employers. It helps to get things done and reduces stress.
You may come across many obstacles in your path, but make this a way to success.

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