Empowering Employees

The Importance of a Strong Team

The team is the most crucial part of any company; therefore, team empowerment is critical to success. Even in today's hyper-digital environment, where employees may be working in physical isolation, the importance of teamwork cannot be overstated. Research shows that companies with a strong emphasis on teamwork are more innovative and productive and find better solutions to challenges.

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The level of work experience, expertise, and abilities that individual employees in a business might vary greatly from one another — so be sure they work as a team. A diverse skillset in your team can ensure that your team is ready to tackle any obstacle they encounter, but you need a cohesive team to do that.

The success of your business depends on your organization's culture. How can you effectively empower your teams to achieve common goals? A high level of collaboration makes it possible for your people to communicate with one another and share their expertise. This cross-education of employees lets junior team members learn from their seniors — and vice versa. Everyone brings something valuable to the team — new ideas, skills, or methods.

Team Empowerment

Team empowerment is when all your people know and understand that they have an equal voice in the direction of their team; in the case of higher-level employees, the company. Allowing everyone to make and act on those decisions enables them to feel empowered.

This ensures that the entire team is in charge of decision-making responsibilities that will impact the team. This will encourage open communication, which means everyone contributes their ideas and opinions to the collaborative decision-making process.

Empower your team by assuring them that they can come to their conclusions and take intelligent risks. Employees in control of their lives perform better than those who don’t. Empowerment assures employees that they are in charge of their lives and the direction they want to take.

Team empowerment is critical to the success of any business. Although many companies are started by a single person or a small group of individuals, actual growth results from many people working together. Instead of the strict leader-follower model, try a team approach; it’s a management principle that increases the power and potential of your organization.

How to Empower Employees

It's critical to support your people — when employees feel undervalued, their first response is to question their capabilities and place in the company. You could lose your best people if you don't give them the support they need.

These are some of the ways that may help you in empowering employees

Clear Expectations

Establish parameters for your employee's actions; the ability to make decisions in line with the company's aims can only be given to employees who are given clear expectations — but without micromanagement.

These parameters ensure that your employees know they have the freedom to act within a specific space; rather than have vague boundaries, they can act freely so long as it’s within their sphere of influence. Without those parameters and expectations, your employees may feel unsure when they can act, wasting their time and yours.

Meaningful Goals

People want to feel part of something more than themselves, rather than just another cog in the machine. Your employees will feel motivated to do their best work when they understand how their efforts impact the company's goals.

Provide Feedback

When you express gratitude for a job well done, your employees know that you value them. Your honest feedback will provide employees the resolve to persist in problem-solving and innovation. Honest, constructive feedback is essential to any employee — it lets them understand where they need to improve or where to focus. Spare nothing when it comes to showing appreciation to your employees, but be sure to provide constructive criticism.

Employee empowerment also boosts job satisfaction. Employees who feel empowered and dedicated to their work help an organization become the best it could be.

Why do the best companies have empowered teams?

Research shows that employee empowerment has a considerable impact on corporate commitment. Teamwork also had a favorable and statistically significant impact on organizational commitment — better-trained employees commit more of themselves to a company, so long as the company acknowledges and values their contributions. 

Although it takes time and effort to establish completely empowered teams, the advantages of a properly empowered workforce are tremendous. Numerous studies conducted by companies that have adopted the empowered team concept consistently demonstrate that dedicated and innovative teamwork produces remarkable results.

Focus on employee empowerment, training, and teamwork to encourage employees to reach their full potential and build a better organization. Your team’s efforts are the lifeblood of your company, so you want them to be motivated, empowered, and confident in their abilities. Empower every team member — you'll surely see positive returns!

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