Growing Yourself and Your Business Through Love with Christopher Friend

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to do what you love. But it’s also important to love what you do — and do what you love in service of others. You’ll create a healthy and successful business through growth and abundance that align with love-based decisions.

In this episode, Christopher Friend, the founder of Growth Through Love, joins Daryl to share his passion and purpose and why entrepreneurs should infuse love into their businesses. He discusses the six branches to build success and faster revenue growth. Finally, he explores how you can tie love and money together for a profitable, loving business.

If you’re a business owner who wants to impact the world, this episode is for you! 

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover how to overcome struggles and spread love.
  2. Learn the six activities that can become pillars upon which you build your business.
  3. Find out how to marry love and money to create a successful business.


Episode Highlights

The Purpose of Entrepreneurship

  • Elitism permeates so much of the business world.
  • The two ways of being an entrepreneur are either earning money to buy the things you want or figuring out how to make people feel loved.
  • The mission of Growth Through Love is to make the world a more loving place.

Keep on Keeping On

  • His passion is business, but his purpose is love.
  • In entrepreneurship, you’ll get knocked down a lot of times, but you need to keep getting back up and learning.

Christopher Friend: “You can’t fail unless you quit. It’s always a learning unless you quit.”

  • Change the way you think about things, and you will be able to heal and grow.

Christopher Friend Advice for Struggling Entrepreneurs

  • Learn how to organize your resources, such as time and money, to maximize growth.
  • Work from a predefined framework and develop a management system so that you can run your business smoothly and solve problems efficiently.
  • The Money Tree Framework is for small businesses that want revenue growth.

The Six Branches of the Money Tree Framework

  • Focus on your current customers.
  • Sell more products to your current customers.
  • Make sales through prospecting and closing.
  • Form strategic partnerships.
  • Conduct marketing and advertising, then develop your branding.

Know Your Business Model

  • The Money Tree is structured in order of cash flow, not importance.
  • Understand your business model to nourish cash flow and get fast investment returns.

Christopher Friend: “Growth Through Love at its core is find the thing that you love to do, and then use that to authentically drive love into others. That is how you discover your purpose. That is how you grow through love.”

Daily Discipline

  • Your pivotal moment in your life is your morning routine.
  • Be deliberate on how you start your mornings, such as meditation or journaling.
  • Practice being ambitious and content at the same time, and don’t allow your productivity to be tied to an unmet drive within you.
  • Organization and discipline create freedom and peace.

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Changes in the Business Industry

  • In the future, AI may start making jobs more efficient.
  • Developments in technology might result in decreased working days or impact universal income and how we spend our time.
  • Practice gratitude, and that will create joy.
  • Corporate maturity should be measured not in profits but the footprint of their love.

Daryl: “Having money is not everything, but not having it is.”

Marrying Love and Money

  • Infinite potential in a business can be found at the intersection of love and money.

Christopher: “At that intersection of the known and the unknown is infinite potential. And just like that, in an organization, at the intersection of love and money is infinite potential.”

  • Drive love into your customer to create higher per customer value.
  • Drive love into your team to develop productivity.
  • Drive love into your prospects to attract new customers.

About Christopher Friend

Christopher Friend is a Navy veteran, Harvard alumnus, and the founder and Director of Growth Through Love, a nonprofit organization that empowers small businesses to grow faster. He believes our passion is what we do, but our purpose is the impact we have on other people and the world as a result of what we do.

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